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In essence, a modified application is an application that is created or developed by a third developer or is not original from WhatsApp. This application can be called an illegal application because there is no legal permission from the related party. However, there are some interesting features that attract the attention of many people.

Registered WhatsApp Mod has been used by several people with a certain direction. Some even use it as a chat application, still replacing the original WhatsApp. 3rd party applications do offer a variety of things that do not exist or can be obtained easily in the original application.

About Fouad WhatsApp

WhatsApp Mod Fouad
Fouad WhatsApp MOD APK Free Download Pro Latest Version 9.30

Fouad WhatsApp comes as a re-modified 3rd party application that is given a lot of great features that you don’t get in the original version. The addition of these great features can definitely make the chat experience look different, great, and really fun.

What’s more, you are increasing your online business, so it’s really fitting to send as many products as possible without being limited. Furthermore, it is also suitable for those of you who often deal with document and video work, because the file transfer prompt has a large size.

The following interesting features make legitimate WhatsApp users move to a modified version, and if seen from the side of validity, of course Fouad WhatsApp is illegal and not in the Play Store. Apart from that, we think the latest version is more interesting.

In its own operation, the mobile device does not take up a lot of space, and is not so burdensome to the device’s performance. The size is relatively light when compared to the official version

WhatsApp Fouad Features

Download,Fouad,WhatsApp,Mod,Latest Version
Fouad WhatsApp MOD APK Pro Free Download Latest Version 9.30

The features offered by Fouad WhatsApp are really diverse and interesting. It is not surprising that until now the application has been sought after. Therefore, for those who are interested in this modified WA and are looking for information about it, this discussion is really appropriate. The features here are for example like breaking the original mechanism of WhatsApp.

Send Multiple Files

The first feature in Fouad WA is that it can send multiple files. Just as found if WhatsApp limits the transport of files. This means that one cannot send the same size and large amount. This must be really a shame because the number of files and file sizes are really limited.

But for this modified version of WhatsApp, there is no limit to the number of files you want to send. Users can send files in large quantities and send files in large sizes. No warning exists and the file still sends without issue.

The WhatsApp application has been like a file sender application because it can send files in large numbers and sizes. An advantage, especially for those who frequently send or receive files. An interesting feature that is forever not found in the original version of WA.

Custom Theme

Fouad WhatsApp Pro MOD APK Free Download Latest Version 9.30

The second feature that is no less interesting is the customization of the theme as desired. In this modified application there is access to change the most diverse appearance themes. There are several choices of themes that can be decided to make the overall appearance of WA more unique.

In the original version the available themes are really limited and sometimes it makes the user bored. A theme that only takes a long time will make the appearance feel monotonous. This is the shortcoming of the original WhatsApp.

Remove the checkmark

In WA there are 3 message signs, namely tick 1, the message has been sent but has not yet been received by the destination person. Checkmark 2 messages have been sent but have not been read by the recipient. Tick 2 blue means the message has been read by the destination person. Interesting idea but sometimes shunned by some people.

The message mark has been ticked sometimes by some people for various reasons. Possibility to avoid someone who doesn’t want to be caught reading the message and so on. In the original version of WhatsApp there is no feature that can remove the check mark.

But in Fouad WhatsApp one can activate the uncheck feature. It means that even if a message from someone has been read there is no blue tick. Really an interesting feature and certainly expected by some since long ago.

App Lock Features

Securing the WA application as a wise treatment to maintain privacy. Because there is an application lock, security is better maintained. But the original WhatsApp has not provided support for this security mechanism. For that the best way out is with Fouad WhatsApp and activate the app lock feature.

This WA Mod application has security and privacy features that are not in the original version. So if you want to secure the application, you don’t have to go through another application mediator. It’s enough to just activate the feature. No one else can open and watch chat on WA.

The privacy security solution is quite concise and attractive. Although this application is not legal but privacy issues can be guaranteed. At a minimum, making other people unable to watch individual chats is one of the treatments that needs to be carried out by everyone who uses WhatsApp.

Older Video Status Update

WhatsApp, apart from being a place of communication, provides a status update feature. In addition, status images that can be uploaded can also be in the form of videos. But on 1x upload the duration of the video is only 30 seconds. So if you want to upload a video with a long enough duration, you have to cut it into pieces.

Really inefficient and will only make the uploaded video unattractive. Many people, of course, want WA to add a time duration for each video uploaded on the status. Because until now the original WA has not made this happen, Fouad WA is the solution.

Upload videos on Fouad WA can be more than 5 minutes in 1 upload. An interesting feature that makes updating videos in status more efficient.

Read Deleted Messages

This feature is one of the most interesting and really expected by the majority of people who use WhatsApp. In this modified version, one can read messages that were deleted or retrieved by the sender before they were read.

Messages that are deleted before the tick sometimes do raise great curiosity about what the message actually contains. To answer questions and curiosity, Fouad WhatsApp provides a feature that can read messages that have been deleted.

This feature is obviously absent and cannot be found in the original version of WhatsApp. Because if this feature violates the privacy of WhatsApp. Indeed, this feature is actually a little illegal or violates one’s privacy, but in fact many people want it.

Download Fouad WhatsApp Latest Version Free

Download Fouad WhatsApp Mod Latest Version
Free Download Fouad WhatsApp MOD APK Pro Latest Version 9.30

The Fouad WA application is indeed quite famous and many people want to try using it. Indeed, now this application can be easily downloaded because many websites have prepared it. But the fact is that not all sites really provide application files safely.

Many Fouad WA supplier sites not only provide download access but also provide various types of viruses. It is not surprising that many websites that provide this application are packaged with viruses because generally modified applications are required to have a virus.

Therefore, just to be safe and ease in downloading Fouad WhatsApp apk file, you can directly click the LINK below. With this link, everyone who wants to download will be given the easiest access. One click directly to the download button and that is of course free from various annoying viruses.

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Mod Features:

  • Premium Unlocked
  • No Ads
  • No Watermark
  • Free Download

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