Funimate Pro Mod APK v12.6 (No Watermark)

Funimate Pro Mod APK – Funimate is the best Lip-Sync video editing app. To create videos for Android and iOS with features Of slow motion. Clip transitions, keyframes, animations, add images, full effects, music, text, emoji and save to gallery without watermark again. We know that there are now many application names for video and photo editing. So that it has become an important part of the lives of increasing social media users. FUNIMATE is not an application to be underestimated. Because it is one of the tools that will help you to create video tracks with the best AI technology.

It proves that Funimate is the best and most popular video editing application. With the support of features that are easy to understand. You will find features as well as some beauty effects, slow motion video (SlowMo).

Other recommended video editing apps with functions that you can try are VN Video Editor, Alight Motion and CapCut.

Main Features Funimate Pro Apk Mod

Funimate Pro
  • Add Video Effects: Funimate ProMore than 100 advanced and popular effects for you to try with a selection. Of Glitch, Dizzy, Digital, Colors, Motion, Scary, Mirror and Lights effects.
  • Add Filter: You can add a first second filter to the video with a lot of options. Examples: Aphrodisiac, Olympus, Milet, Phaselis, Myra, Efes.
  • Create Collaborative Videos: You’ll love how to create collaborative videos.
  • Change Color: Option to change video with dynamic color selection.
  • Animate: This option serves to change the size of the video animation. And Opacity changes the video to light, blur or dark.
  • Blend: This is a way of using the color information in two digital images to create a more composite one.\
  • Add Text, Gifs and Emojis: You can add hundreds of emojis. Texts and animations to make your video clips look cool.
  • Edit and Trim Short Videos: Funimate Pro You can combine videos into 2 parts to edit short videos. And share the result to Instagram, TikTok etc.
  • Music Video Community: You can find many users in video community for daily challenges. Show your results by using video effects. And much more.
  • Add Music and Transitions : Cut and make music as beautiful strains in video editing. You can also cut videos. Create stories in the form of videos that are entertaining. And fun with music to tell the story of everyday life.

In the latest version of the Funimate Pro 2022 update this time you will find keyframe and animation features. How it works You simply create a video. That’s going viral and browse the editor’s content from users around the world. Then create a motion video with interesting transition options.

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